Basic concepts of computer graphics pdf

Basic concepts of computer graphics pdf

computer graphics, which would typically be taken by a computer science student in the third or fourth year of college. (Whether it will continue to be appropriate is an open question, given the always-rapid changes in the field of computer graphics.) A reader of this book should have substantial experience with at least one programming. This Wikibook is concerned with explaining the concepts of computer graphics to a non-technical audience. Most books on computer graphics are written from the perspective of a programmer who is attempting to complete an implementation of some algorithms, be they a computer game, a ray-tracer, or an animation system. Essential Graphics/Design Concepts for Non-Designers presented by I recommend that you use standard fonts found in most computer systems in your designs. This will limit the amount of text shifting that may occur when PDF (Portable Document Format): These files are. Computer components are divided into two major categories namely hardware and software. Hardware is the machine itself and its connected devices such as monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. Software are the set of programs that make use of hardware for performing various functions. Computer Graphics Tutorial for beginners - Learn about Computer Graphics in simple and easy terms starting from trends in Computer Graphics, Basics, Line Generation Algorithm, Circle Generation Algorithm, Polygon Filling Algorithm, viewing and Clipping, 2D Transformation, 3D Computer Graphics, 3D Transformation, Computer Graphics Curves, Computer Graphics Surfaces, Visible Surface .

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  • Today there are very few aspects of our lives not affected by computers. Practically every cash or monetary transaction that takes place daily involves a computer. In many cases, the same is true of computer graphics.

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    We are able to obtain a comprehensive overall view of our data and also study features and areas of particular interest. A well-chosen graph is able to transform a complex table of numbers into meaningful results. A range of tools and facilities are available to enable users to visualize their data, and this document provides a brief summary and overview.

    Computer graphics can be used in many disciplines.

    Concepts of Computer Graphics/Introduction

    Have you seen the game of ping-pong? You can see that when a game is switched on, a small bright spot , representing a ball, is seen bouncing to and fro across the screen. Now each player uses his video game controller to position a paddle to bounce the ball back to his opponent. The player who hits the ball past his opponent wins a point and the one who gains 15 points wins the game. Now how did you invent this video game?

    Basic concepts of computer graphics pdf

    This has been done with the aid of Computer Graphics. Video games represent a major use in the home of computer graphics.

    Computer graphics helps to create and manipulate pictures with the aid of computers. Computer graphics is concerned with all aspects of producing images using a computer. It concerns with the pictorial synthesis of real or imaginary objects from their computer-based models.

    Different types of Computer Graphics Computer Graphics can be broadly divided into two Non Interactive Computer Graphics: In non interactive computer graphics otherwise known as passive computer graphics, the observer has no control over the image. Familiar examples of this type of computer graphics include the titles shown on TV and other forms of computer art.

    Interactive Computer Graphics: Interactive Computer Graphics involves a two way communication between computer and user. Here the observer is given some control over the image by providing him with an input device for example the video game controller of the ping pong game.

    This helps him to signal his request to the computer. The computer on receiving signals from the input device can modify the displayed picture appropriately. To the user it appears that the picture is changing instantaneously in response to his commands.

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  • He can give a series of commands, each one generating a graphical response from the computer. In this way he maintains a conversation, or dialogue, with the computer. Interactive computer graphics affects our lives in a number of indirect ways. For example, it helps to train the pilots of our airplanes.

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    We can create a flight simulator which may help the pilots to get trained not in a real aircraft but on the grounds at the control of the flight simulator.

    The flight simulator is a mock up of an aircraft flight deck, containing all the usual controls and surrounded by screens on which we have the projected computer generated views of the terrain visible on take off and landing.

    In the first computer driven display was used to generate only simple pictures.

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  • This display made use of a cathode ray tube similar to the one used in television sets. These computers were used to perform only lengthy calculations. The single vent that did the most to promote interactive computer graphics as an important new field was the publication in of a brilliant thesis by Ivan E.

    Thus the golden age of computer graphics began. The instant appeal of computer graphics to users of all ages has helped it to spread into many applications throughout the world. Dinesh authors the hugely popular Computer Notes blog. Where he writes how-to guides around Computer fundamental , computer software, Computer programming, and web apps. For any type of query or something that you think is missing, please feel free to Contact us.

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    Computer Graphics Tutorial

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    Basic concepts of computer graphics pdf

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    Basic concepts of computer graphics pdf

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