Star wars cantina band pdf

Star wars cantina band pdf

Star Wars - Cantina Band (Piano) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Partitura de Cantina Band (piano)/Cantina Band sheet music for piano/5(16). PDF: Main sheet music 6 pages - 70 KoxMP3 2. Cantina Band from Star Wars by John Williams, arranged by Daniel Moretti. Where can I find the sheet music for your Star Wars: Cantina Band video that I. We didnt have anything prepared, and I am a giant Star Wars nut, so we got. Sheet music for "Cantina Band" from Star Wars, composed by John Williams, arranged by Keeper1st, AtinPiano. Sheet music for "Cantina Band" from Star Wars, composed by John Williams, arranged by Keeper1st, AtinPiano. Star Wars Cantina ( KB) Share. Direct link: BBCode link: BBCode images. star wars cantina band instruments Cantina Band Star Wars- Miscellaneous. star wars cantina band song The Star Wars Cantina Band Arranged for Ragtime Piano Duet. Available both online and as a PDF from Mos Eisley Cantina: Star Wars Star Wars - Legends - Kindle edition. This is the guitar tab for the Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina. The first piece of music from the Cantina scene was released in on the Star Wars Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, entitled simply "Cantina Band". Later CD re-releases of the soundtrack album included the second piece, which was titled "Cantina Band #2". The first "Cantina Band" number has since been retitled "Mad About Me".

Mos Eisley is a spaceport town in the fictional Star Wars universe.

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Scenes set in Mos Eisley made a particular impact on audiences as they included a noted scene in an insalubrious cantina frequented by numerous alien races. Location filming for the spaceport took place in in Tunisia with interiors filmed at Elstree Studios in London.

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  • Mos Eisley made its first appearance in the original film, Star Wars. It is depicted as a busy, bustling port city situated in a desert plain, populated with transients of all species.

    The lawless spaceport attracts criminals, smugglers and fugitives. Obi-Wan warns Luke that the spaceport may be dangerous. Upon arrival, Luke and Obi-Wan enter the cantina, a dimly-lit tavern patronised by visiting starship pilots. Strong drink is on sale at the bar and there are frequent outbreaks of violence among the clientele.

    Star Wars - Cantina Band (Piano)

    The cantina attracts a range of exotic alien species , although droids are not permitted to enter — the bartender orders them to leave, saying "We don't serve their kind in here". A band of domed-headed aliens plays a set of otherworldly jazz-style music. This is the first time a lightsaber is used on-screen in the Star Wars franchise. Obi-Wan introduces Luke to a pair of smugglers, Chewbacca and Han Solo , and they negotiate terms for passage to the planet Alderaan.

    After Luke and Obi-Wan have departed, Han is involved in a brief confrontation with Greedo , a green-skinned gangster; the exchange ends violently when Han shoots Greedo dead.

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  • Following a brief gunfight with Imperial stormtroopers , they board the Millennium Falcon spaceship and take off from Tatooine. In the novelization of the film, Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker by George Lucas ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster , Mos Eisley is described as a haphazard, run-down settlement built of concrete and sandstone, a large part of it built underground to escape the heat of Tatooine's twin suns.

    The narrative describes "Tentacles, claws and hands Anderson , explores the cantina and its clientele further. The book names the establishment as "Chalmun's Cantina", introducing its proprietor as a Wookiee named Chalmun; it also reveals that the bartender is named Wuher. The book also explores the reasons for the cantina's ban on droids: the bartender claims to dislike everyone, but lashes out at droids because they are the only thing that will not try to fight back; the proprietor Chalmun does not tolerate droids because they do not drink, and therefore occupy valuable space.

    The band is named as Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes and it is revealed that the players belong to a race called Bith. Their main musical number is also given a title, "Mad About Me".

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    The actual filming on location took place on the Tunisian island of Djerba. In , during the early stages of production on Star Wars , the appearance of the Mos Eisley cantina and its clientele was realized through the work of concept arts Ron Cobb , Rick Baker and Ralph McQuarrie and costume designer John Mollo. Working from Lucas's direction and a maquette , set designer John Barry created the cantina set complete with circular bar and shady alcoves.

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  • Mollo humorously included a few costumes borrowed from Westerns , and based some other costumes on characters from the film Destination Moon and the s television series Lost in Space. The exterior scene was initially filmed in at the little town of Ajim , which is a fishing port on the Isle of Djerba , Tunisia.

    Star wars cantina band pdf

    The film crew added some false frontage to the structure, giving it a more dramatic appearance. The building has seen no refurbishment since The interior set was constructed and filmed on Stage 6, Elstree Studios in London. Stuart Freeborn fell ill and was unable to complete his work on the cantina creature masks.

    Some of the most important additional footage shot was to enhance the cantina scene at Hollywood Center Studios. Lucas had been dissatisfied with the make-up in previous shots due to Freeborn's illness, and was now able to fully realize the scene with several close-ups of alien creatures, complete with Freeborn's masks. Lucas also shot supplemented the limited coverage he had from the Tunisia footage with filming in Death Valley.


    Lucas remained dissatisfied with the final cut of the cantina scene, and when Lucasfilm released the Special Edition of Star Wars in , Lucas made a number of changes to the shots.

    In the opening sequence of the cantina scene, a sinister werewolf -type character was replaced by a CGI pipe-smoking reptile. This change has proved one of the most controversial among Star Wars fandom and has given rise to a popular slogan objecting to the alteration, " Han shot first ". Throughout the cantina scenes in Star Wars , there is constant background music played by an alien band. This diegetic music was composed for the film by John Williams , and consisted of two pieces written for trumpet , three saxophones , clarinet , Fender Rhodes piano and percussion, along with steel drum and synthesizer.

    George Lucas briefed Williams to imagine "several creatures in a future century finding some s Benny Goodman swing band music Williams combined traditional jazz instruments with instruments associated with Afro-Caribbean music in order to create a sound that was "both alien and yet familiar at the same time. The playset consisted of a miniature plastic bar with a cardboard backdrop depicting various cantina creatures and an Imperial stormtrooper. A second version of the playset was brought to market in , named the Creature Cantina Action Playset.

    Later CD re-releases of the soundtrack album included the second piece, which was titled "Cantina Band 2". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Mos Eisley Cantina. For the rapper, see Sweatshop Union. See also: List of Star Wars filming locations. Orbital Vector.

    Cantina Band Sheet Music Star Wars PDF Free Download

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    Archived from the original on 10 March Official Charts Company. The Advocate. Retrieved 27 September Aurelio Voltaire. MTV News. Lucas, George Fictional universe of Star Wars. Warrick Mace Windu Yoda. The Force Architecture Languages Physics.

    Star wars cantina band pdf

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    Star wars cantina band pdf

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