Ek mutthi aasman serial written update

Ek mutthi aasman serial written update

Sep 12,  · Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th September Written Update by Atiba. Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th September Written Episode. Scene 1 Aryan comes to chowl and asks a neighbor where is kamla? Aryan says she has gone to dewan house to bring her daughter. Aryan’s mom calls him he says yeah mom I am just coming. Scene 2 Suhana is all dressed up. Kamla goes to temple to prau for Kalpi. She places the ring the basket and asks to place it in the feet. Gunjan comes there for paryer and the baskets get exchanged. Ek Mutthi Aasman. K likes. Fanpage of EMA. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a pea.filetech.pwers: K. Aug 22,  · Ek Mutthi Aasman Serial Launch ️💜🧡💛💚💙 ️💜🧡💛💚💙 Bollywood News | Bollywood Gossips | Bollywood Latest Updates On Moviez Adda ☞ http. Ek Mutthi Aasman - Zee TV. 3, likes · 2 talking about this. Ek Mutthi / Muthi AAsman is now air from August 26th Watch Monday - Friday 7 PM Followers: K.

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Scene 1 Aryan comes to chowl and asks a neighbor where is kamla? Aryan says she has gone to dewan house to bring her daughter. Scene 2 Suhana is all dressed up.

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She recalls herself in the bridal dress. She recalls when she was waiting for Raghav.

Ek mutthi aasman serial written update

Suhana says who is the person I am seeing again and again. Suhana is in agitating state. Aryan sits with her. Aryan says sorry suhana I am late I went to the shop to bring my pajama.

The wedlock starts. Everyone is happy. Pandit says stand up to make each other wear the garland. Aryan makes suhana wear the garland and so does she. Suhana is confused. Vitthal and kamla come in and Raghav follows them. Kalpi sees him and says Raghav, everyone is shocked. Suhana stands up, and goes to Raghav. Raghav smiles. They are both in tears.

Suhana closes her eyes. Kalpi hugs him, Aryan stands up in shock. Kamla says you look good. Kalpi says how are you ai.

Ek Mutthi Aasman Written Episodes

Kamla kisses her hand. Kalpi hugs vitthal and says baba, she hugs him too. Mehta comes in on the wheelchair. Dheeraj and aman are shocked.

Dheeraj asked me to do all this. Suhana met an accident because of aman and died. He wanted to save aman and asked me to do this. You are my suhana. These people are making you fool.

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Sanjay says dheeraj tell me they are lying. I will send them all from here. Dheeraj says Mehta is right. Sanjay slaps dheeraj on his face. He sits on the ground. Police arrest dheeraj and aman. Aryan is trying to console sanjay.

Aryan says why are you both emotional. Pandit ji is here everything is ready. Show ends. Riya rushes away from the house, without knowing that Gaurie and Kalpana have followed her. She gets to the slum, and runs to her adopted mother sobbing. She asks her adopted mother to tell her the truth about her birth. She was also suffering a memory loss. But she went into premature labour and gave birth to Riya.

The retired nurse tells Riya that she has no doubt that her birth mother loved her, because she cared enough to beg a stranger to look after her baby. But maybe she did not come back, because of the memory loss. Both of them have a tearful reunion.

Ek mutthi aasman serial written update

Gauri invites Riya and her adopted mum to come and live with her. Riya declines and keeps her distance from Gauri. Gauri gets emotional as Riya refuses to hug her, and cries. Prem and Riya fall more in love with each passing day. Riya is notified at school and she calls Prem for help. Both of them meet at the hospital. The cost of treatment is quite high, and both of them do not have the money. Riya calls Kalpi for a loan.

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Kalpi explains to Gauri and Raghav, and all of them rush to the hospital. Raghav is excited and looking forward to meeting her. At the hospital Raghav goes to pay the bill, while Gauri and Kalpana rush to meet Riya. Both of them are shocked to see Prem holding Riya, in a warm embrace. Gauri pulls her away from Prem and questions her relationship with Prem.

Raghav gets to the hospital ward and sees Gauri and Riya arguing over Prem. Riya says she is in love with Prem and nothing can separate them. Raghav says Riya will never marry Prem. Riya says she does not consider them to be her family, but sees them as strangers who have loaned her money to take care of her adopted mum.

She promises to pay it back with interest. He has fallen in love with Pakhi, but cannot tell if Pakhi feels the same way. Sammy gets her a lawyer, and Pakhi is released from detention, but has nowhere to go. Sammy persuades her to reconcile with Kamla, and ask for forgiveness. Pakhi is overcome by remorse and attempts suicide, as she is convinced that nobody wants her.

Sammy rescues her in time and takes her to stay with his cousin. Sammy is now confused about how to tell Raghav that he has fallen for Pakhi.


After some time, Sammy tells his mum about his feelings. She encourages him to tell the girl not realising that Pakhi is the one Sammy has fallen in love with. Sammy pours his heart out to Pakhi, but she refuses to believe him. It takes a few weeks, before she agrees. Sammy is in a happier mood, and Raghav guesses that he has fallen in love, but Sammy refuses to tell him, who the girl is. The resettlement project for the slum dwellers which is being coordinated by the international donor agency runs into a hitch.

The contractor handling the project is owing his workers and they have gone on strike. A meeting is held in the slum and the community turn to Prem for help and ideas on how to move forward, as they all stand to lose their homes if the project stops. Prem suggests that the community build their homes by themselves using direct labour. Members of the community agree to be the labourers, electricians, bricklayers etc.

They seek for an audience with Kalpana who is the new head of the international donor agency, and ask the agency to provide building materials, cement etc. Kalpana has a meeting with the board and this idea is approved, but the Chairman asks the community to appoint a Project Manager who would supervise the work.

Ek mutthi aasman serial written update

The community votes Prem as their new Project Manager. The project is successfully completed and a high-level government delegation including a State Minister, comes to commission it and present awards to those who were in charge of the project.

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  • The door opens and the first person to step out is Kalpana. Another door opens and the Minister comes out and goes to the podium. Awards are presented to Prem , Kalpana, and the community leader for their work on the project. The whole event is televised. As Kalpana receives her award, she is asked to give a speech.

    While she is giving her speech, Kamla is in tears and says that she never imagined her daughter would receive an award from a high-level minister, and she would be recognised by everyone in the community. Vitthal says your daughter has become a big madam and has now got a fistful of the sky.

    Will Prem be allowed to marry Riya? Will Neetu take advantage of the situation? These are all questions to be answered in Ek Mutthi Aasman Part 2! Paige S, I really loved your analysis.