Software autek research va1 manual arts

Software autek research va1 manual arts

AUTEK RESEARCH VA1-RF1-RF5 RF ANALYST product reviews by real people like you. Only at - is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Valtra manual arts. a guest Sep 27th, download free software autek research va1 manual arts repair workshop manual instant download · valtra hi tech tractor part parts ipl exploded view manual hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi. Manual Arts Senior High School. S Vermont Ave. U Autek Research QF-1 $ SOLD Audio Filter This Autek Research QF-1 audio filter features: Peak, Notch and Low Pass. Input is via a hard wired ¼ inch cable off the rear pea.filetech.pwes from VAC. [05/06] UI69 Autek Research QF-1A $ SOLD Audio Filter This Autek Research QF-1 audio filter features: Peak, Notch and Low Pass. Input is via a hard wired RCA phono cable off the rear panel. 4. Frequency Control This tunes the main filter frequency from about to Hz, the entire usable communications range for voice, CW, and digital (RTTY, SSTV, etc.). Aug 22,  · Autek WM1 Deluxe Computing Wattmeter, $ by Steve Hus» Tue, Manual for Autek WM1 Wattmeter. 5. AUTEK WM1 WATTMETER. 6. FS WM1 Autek SWR/Wattmeter. 7. Autek research WM1 swr/power meter. Need info on Autek WM1. Autek RF-5 VHF/UHF Analyzer $ Autek Computing SWR meter. lookn for mod for the WM1 wattmeter.

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New to Ham Radio? My Profile. More than got my money's worth. Allowed me to tune a 10m loop I made fairly easily.

The one I have seems to be solid.

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No display or other issues. Tuning can be touchy, but it certainly does the job and the fine tune control does help.

Valtra 6750 manual arts

I like it! It had always worked fine, then pulled it out for an annual antenna check and it was working erratically. Check the battery and it was down a little so I changed it. Didn't help at all. So after reading about all the bad experiences some people have had Been having this unit for over a decade, time for my "after winter check on the antenna". The unit was acting unstable, so I changed the battery.

Software autek research va1 manual arts

That didn't help at all. So I decided to open the unit and take a look at the inside. I was shocked to find numerous components that had no solder on them at all, don't see how it managed to work for 11 years!

Anyway, after 15 minutes of soldering, the unit worked better than it ever.

It has always served me well, but it works even better now solving a minor problem I had over the years of every once in a while the unit would get real "touchy".

Seeing it requires just the right tilt of the display against the light. The unit, bought at a hamfest and clearly not much used, worked for a week or two of backyard measurements. Later, multiple ohm dummy loads produced a 1. Flexing the case would change the readings, but never quite correct them. An hour of resoldering seems to have fixed the functionality problems--although the display remained characteristically hard to read.

Full adjustment and calibration requires unsoldering a board. Given that this is a field unit, that would likely see more physical abuse and temperature fluctuations than a bench tool, the inability to recalibrate the unit without full disassembly is a serious design flaw. As people say, there are some switch and connector pins that do not need to be soldered because they serve no electrical function. But, mine had some necessary pins and leads that were not soldered. Soldering all the pins on components is actually good practice, and improves mechanical stability.

The unit I got looks like a very hurried job. It appears that a lot of design compromises were made to cram a potentially very useful tool into a just-too-small box. The unit looked brand new. Took it home and fired it up with a precision 50 ohm resistor. The SWR was 1.

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  • I opened up the unit and found lots of solder flux residue on the board. I cleaned that up best I could with some flux remover.

    On the LCD circuit board, there were 14 solder pads with the lead of the part sticking through the hole but was not soldered. I soldered all 14 connections. Put the unit back together and checked the calibration resistor again - SWR was 1. No wonder the company went out of business - they must have told their assemblers to cut back on the use of solder Antenna reactance and capacitance measurements would put some professional equipment to shame.

    Excellent unit, great for field day and portable operation.

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    Guess I got lucky. I used it for antenna work and bench work. My ONLY complaint was the 9 volt battery. I hate those things.

    Autek WM1 Deluxe Computing Wattmeter , $100

    Expensive and usually dead when you pick up the equipment to use it. I recently sold the VA-1, but it served me well for quite awhile. I understand that Autek is out of business now, but a VA-1 on the used market would still be a useful tool. No problems, works great and I like the size and ergonomics.

    Manual is well sorted out and I learned quite a bit from reading it. Great value and would give it a 6 if I could. Would not hesitate to buy from Autek again. Does anyone out there have a schematic for the thing so I can fix the ones that are broke now that they don't sell the RF-1 any more?

    I got two of these at flea markets and suspect the guys dumped power into them.

    Software autek research va1 manual arts

    Copyright eHam. Contact the site with comments or questions. Site Privacy Statement. Description: The pocket-sized RF1 is designed to check and adjust antennas,. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review.

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  • My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. Did a review on this unit in By itself, the hard-to-read display is a sign of trouble. Although a piece of consumer goods, this unit has proven to be exceptionally useful and accurate.

    I have had it for at least 15 years.

    Stan AK0B. Luck of the draw, some are fb, sum crap. My VA-1 worked fine from the day I got it 8 or 9 years ago. I have had mine for 6 years.

    Software autek research va1 manual arts

    I've got four of these things in various state of repair If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager.