What is microsoft help library agent

What is microsoft help library agent

Jun 22,  · Hello. I have a similar crash problem with pea.filetech.pw, in VS C# Express running under Win 7 64 bit: This happened when I tried (more than once) to install content from online from the Help Library Manager, selecting '.NET Framework 4' (tried with also). The Get Help app in Windows 10 provides fast, free support for Microsoft products. Open Get Help app. Contact support in the browser instead. Tell us about the problem you're having and which product you're using. Next. More support options. Business, IT & developer. Small & medium businesses, enterprises & partners, IT professionals, and. sp_help_agent_profile (Transact-SQL) 03/06/; 2 minutes to read; Contributors. In this article. APPLIES TO: SQL Server (starting with ) Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Data Warehouse Parallel Data Warehouse Displays the profile of a specified agent. Celebrate graduation with the valedictorian of laptops, starting at $ Invitation for all gamers: Tune in Sunday, June 9 at PM PT to hear exciting game announcements, reveals, and more. As we march in celebration of LGBTQI+ people, life, and equality, we invite you to take actions to help.

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  • OMG what happened? This is definitely a big step backwards. Did MS fire all the people who had a brain in that department? But do you know what irks me more than anything else???? The fact the the Help Library Agent appears in the system tray and then stays there when you don't need it! What is it with MS and other software houses these days that they have to have 6 services running for a single application?

    Why does every MS app need a "Helper" service???

    Microsoft help library agent error

    What happened to the "Use it and shut it off when finished" applications? When I start Word to write a letter I want to write the letter then turn word off because I have finished with it - so why do I need "Office Software Protection" and "OfficeDiagnostics" services?

    All software should have the option to run in standalone mode no service support having it install services should be an OPTION.

    I don't need the Help Library Agent running after I've finished with it and yes I know you can right click and exit, but that's simply not the point! You stop using VS because of the small Help Library Agent that waits for further requests instead stopping itself?

    And of course: This is started for every uinstance of Visual Studio. If you ever had to keep 2 instances open at a time, such a big application is even started twice. It is ok for me. It is completly your decsion but I am wondering on what facts you do your decisions And I am thinking who is the idiot? At Microsoft or somewhere else Then you get another helper :. That is not what he said. He said, " This is actually a fallacy. The only time that I have ever had to wait for the help indexes to build, is when I update the library.

    What is microsoft help library agent

    Then it only takes a couple minutes and never happens again until the next update. When Microsoft was providing these updates, they occurred once every 3 months at most, so waiting 2 minutes every 3 months was not a problem. If it was happening more often then that for you, then you either didn't have VS installed correctly, or setup correctly.

    And yes, I have up to 4 instances of VS running at the same time, depending upon which systems I am working on. It is completely your decision but I am wondering on what facts you do your decisions And I am thinking who is the idiot? He was supposed to get back to me about 2 months ago with an update on how they are going to address them, but I still haven't received an update.

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    That's a nice way to hide all the issues in the tracking system, and give a false low unresolved count. But I simply dislike people who state others directly as idiots. But I doubt that this renders Visual Studio to an unuseable product. And I didn't mean that it was rebuilding an index.

    But we do not even have to discuss that further. I am more interested in getting the most out of VS and the new help system than in disadvantages I saw in the VS Maybe I simply should not write such answers but I am just the person that I am. I read the writings of Rimsey1 and I had the feeling that I should write something to that.

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    Are there any informations about a significant update on help system? Most annoying part for myself is that only a subset of content is available and a non sizable Help Library Manager. Or do we have to wait until VSnext? Sometimes it would be wonderful to know who and first and foremost WHY makes such a desicion to ruin the helpsystem.

    Leastwise H3Viewer is soften the pain a bit I agree with what has been said above. The help system is atrocious for vs I sometimes work disconnected so that my computer is not constantly accessing the internet for some reason or other.

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    I have to go back online to access the library because it cannot all be installed locally. I think that was just an view on the things that are comming. That the help system is not working at all is not normal. The Help System in pre SP1 was not that good, because a lot of things was missing e.

    Now the Help System itself is fine - some things changed e. But a non working system e. Did you try to repair Help?

    What do you need help with?

    If nothing helps: Did you try to install Visual Studio on a clean system? Maybe you can create a new thread in here with some details about your problem and maybe we are able to fix your problem.

    I only use the vs because i am forced to for compatibility with others. I hate hate it.

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    It is a HUGE step backward. Tell you the truth, it has been a BIG step backwards for ever since visual studio 6. That IMO, was the last "good" version of visual studio. And for personal use, I do still use it The help system is the main point. I never waited so long in my life just to find out what a parameter was for was quicker just to fire up my browser and search on google Hi osirisgothra, I agree completely. Visual Studio 6.

    Unfortunately it does not do all that I want these days so I have to use vs I am not sure about NET and WPF being the work of Satan capital S or he gets upset but it was probably one of his subjects who was given the task as a punishment and so did it quarter heartedly and decided to leave out the best bits of vs6.

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    Developer Documentation and Help System. Sign in to vote.

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    Monday, August 1, AM. Konrad To be honest here, you didn't help at all, and your snide response at the end could be reported. Monday, August 1, PM. Sorry Bill, my answer might not have been that good.

    What is microsoft help library agent

    I Agree u very much Friday, October 21, AM. Tuesday, November 1, AM. Wednesday, November 2, AM. Thank you for your input.

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  • To bad we have to wait and apparently no resources at MS to sort things out for current version. Nobody seems to have an interesst on make help-content locally available mvc3, wp7.

    Thursday, November 3, PM. Why doesn't Microsoft listen to us developers and give us what we want. I am still upset about losing control arrays!!!!

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  • Jim Bartlett. Tuesday, November 15, PM. I thought it was funny that he stated microsoft are idiots but then made the decision to go back to , something that could be considered an idiotic move :- Microsoft help has always been poor, right back from the days of the helicopter joke.

    What is microsoft help library agent

    It seems they completely redesign it for every release of every product so nothing is ever consistent. Wednesday, November 16, AM.

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    I just installed Visual Studio and applied the SP1 which was supposed to fix the new help system. Well it didn't so I decided to try the h3viewer instead. I installed it and now every time I run that program I get a message telling me it is waiting for the help agent to start.